Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ich mag bücher

mein twin und ich haben neulich darüber gesprochen und ich konnte nich widerstehen :P

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cutting my own Hair

First of all, I have to tell you that, like most everyone I'm not satisfied with how my hair looks. Yesterday I walked into the bureau at my working place and my boss said I looked like a christmas angel with those curles. Today they're just flat and there's an awkward fold like you get in your clothes when you're not particularly giftet at ironing. My drivers licens on the other hand shows my face and hair. Almost no background, just a huge mass of curly dark brown stuff.
So basically: I hate my hair.

Three days ago I decided I hated those little hairs on my forehead that were remnants of a previous attempt to become the master of my head. I used to have a bang, I can have one again! So I wet the front of my hair, brushed them the way I wanted to have them and cut at the height of my eyebrows.
Mistake Nr 1: never assume that just because you cut it there, it stays there.
Of course being released of more than half their weight, my newly cut bang curled up. The tips are now somewhere halfway down my forehead...

Well, they'll grow back!

Day 2 of cutting them: I realized I wasn't satisfied with my bang just yet. somehow there's still tiny bits of hair in between that are longer, and the sides looked weird as well.
Actually it wasn't that bad now. I was even told that my hair looked good by a colleague (and of course the angel thing which didn't refer to my bang obviously but the rest of my hair.)

Day 3... oh my...
I made a ponytail and realized with a shock, that my hair was triangular! I immediately took the scissors out of the drawer and the comb and started cutting again... technically I have enough hair and no hair sticking out too long in that bang now, but I also can't hide it anymore... and It's too round. the shape is weird and while in the middle it's too short, it is too long at the sides... horrible! I need my hair to grow back immediately! what have I done??

Alright, this is what comes out of an attempt to save hair dresser money, maybe I regrett it.... but I'll probably head back to the bathroom and see what I can save now... so... bye^^

Thursday, October 9, 2014

All things Kat


My name is Kat and I'm a 19 (almost 20!) year old student aspiring to be a care worker. I live in Germany but my mother tongue of choice is english, so there you go!
In my spare time (when I'm not around people, which is rare enough) I draw and paint a lot, so you can expect a lot of pictures here as well as blogs on things that just happen... (Another thing: I like dots.... you'll find a lot of them here!)

I have a twin who not only inspired me to write a blog, but also has two of her own so here's a bit of advertisement:

Try those links! Go on, take a look! click!

No really, they're great and fun to read, the first one even has a few english posts! (But you can still enjoy her awesome photos in the only german posts)

I hope thats enough for a introduction!

I wish you all (helloooo, echoooo! anybody there?) a great day!